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The Four Types of Leadership Levels in Network Marketing

The Rookie

Some people come into the industry of Network Marketing with the wrong expectations either derived themselves or mismanaged by their sponsor. The income made here could be anywhere from zero to a few thousand a month. This level is called ignorance on fire, because you don’t know what you don’t know.

The Veteran

Your already making some decent income and having some sound success. You’re also receiving recognition from the company as an up and coming superstar. There are some things you must avoid if you want your success to continue. Stay away from the thoughts that you’ve arrived.

The Professional

This is the beginning of True Financial Independency. Here you could easily be making well over six figures a year and have helped a few people do the same. Your company and the industry of Network Marketing worldwide are now recognizing you. Only 3% of the people that join Network Marketing ever earn a $100,000 or more in a year.

The Artist

This is an elite level in our industry that only a few arrive at. You are now making multiple 6-figures a month. Some think they are here, but the results do not speak to it. There are several people in your organization that have become Millionaires in the industry of Network Marketing because of your direct mentorship. These are not people that were already Millionaires and have brought their group over to your company. They have become a Millionaire because you were able to pull the Winner out of them and help them develop certain skills. No one can tell the artistry being performed when you are an artist. They just admire your work.

About RRamon Fulcher


RRamon Fulcher, serial entrepreneur and visionary, was taught to go to school to get a good education and land a career with benefits that he would one day be able to retire from. Two years into the plan he was laid off. It was at this time, when RRamon had his wake-up call and realized that anything you want in life can only be achieved as an entrepreneur.

RRamon has navigated through life's adversities and today is fulfilling his purpose and dream as an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, International

Personal Development coach and Published author.

He was able to overcome having a benign tumor radically dissected from his pelvis, a car accident and losing his corporate job all in the same week with the RIGHT mindset. After rebounding from those setbacks, RRamon became a Millionaire in the mortgage and real estate industry only to find himself two years later with six foreclosures, car repossession and having to file bankruptcy during the Great Recession of 2007.