About RRamon

RRamon Fulcher, serial entrepreneur and visionary, was taught to go to school to get a good education and land a career with benefits that he would one day be able to retire from. Two years into the plan he was laid off. It was at this time, when RRamon had his wake-up call and realized that anything you want in life can only be achieved as an entrepreneur.

RRamon has navigated through life’s adversities and today is fulfilling his purpose and dream as an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, International Personal Development coach and Published author.

He was able to overcome having a benign tumor radically dissected from his pelvis, a car accident and losing his corporate job all in the same week with the RIGHT mindset. After rebounding from those setbacks, RRamon became a Millionaire in the mortgage and real estate industry only to find himself two years later with six foreclosures, car repossession and having to file bankruptcy during the Great Recession of 2007.

During those physical and mental challenges, RRamon identified the mindset it was going to take to Win Big. After overcoming those challenges, RRamon felt compelled to release this timely information to the public with the first part of a series of life changing publications and CD series entitled “Winning Is A Choice”.

RRamon has become one of the top income earners in the profession of Network Marketing & top business consultants in the World. His faith in God and having the mentorship of Holton & Earlene Buggs, have helped him succeed where others have succumb to temporary defeat.